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Please use the buttons below to input participants. The participant types include:
  • Speller-Jr.Bee (K-Gr4) -- Jr. Bee is open for students Grade 4 and under. School details are required. Regular $80.00. (Late $100.00)
  • Parents/Guardian -- We require at least ONE parent to accompany the registered speller(s). Price $20.00 (Late $40.00).
  • Infant (0yrs to 2yrs) -- Infants will not be charged an admission fee. However, we strongly request you to register all infants attending the Event as well.
  • Kid Spectator -- Student spectators not participating as spellers in Jr. Spelling Bee - MastiSpell 2017 - Jr. Spelling Bee between the ages of 3yrs and 18yrs will be charged a reduced-admission price. Price $10.00. (Late $20.00).
  • Other Spectator -- Teachers, neighbors, colleagues, uncles/aunts, grandparents, other adult friends/relatives/well-wishers joining us in the audience. Price $20.00 (Late $40.00).
Note on County/School -- If you do not see your child's County or School listed, please use "Other" from the County and/or School names dropdown.

We encourage you to register below all types of participants who plan to attend the event with you, as this information will help us in accurate capacity-planning. In an effort towards streamlining the actual check-in process on the day of the event, we request patrons to register one-family-at-a-time, with not more than TEN participants per registration.

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Spelling Boot-Camp : Speller(s) is/are interested in a local Spelling Boot Camp. Please email us schedule & pricing information.
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